1. A l i v e

I open my soul, for the first time I let you in, for the first time My hearts wide open, for the first time But I´m more vulnerable then ever befor.



I know myself, for the first time. And I let love in, for the first time.

I dare to let go, for the first time. But I feel pain now like never befor.



But I´m happier now. Now that i'm true to myself
Makes the pain wortwhile, makes me feel alive.
Makes me feel alive!


I feel free, for the first time.
I feel hole, for the first time.

Feels like im home, for the, first time
But im more lost now then ever befor.



2. F i n e Y o u n g C o l t
He's a fine young colt, strong and bold, he's got muscler along his spine,
Someone did him wrong, but the harm is done, and I am holding on


The horse is strong, but im holding on.
Some one did him wrong, but the harm is done and I am holding on


I can feel he's fear, he start to rear, start bucking along the sides
He troughs he's head, he's over fed, but i am holding on.


The horse is strong, but im holding on
He throws he's head, he's over fed, but im holding on: repeat


Start losing strength, drop my rains, begin to fear for my life
But now his getting chilled and I am thrilled He´s slowly trust in me
The horse is strong, but im holding on.
Now he's getting chilled and i am thrilled And now he trust in me: repeat


The horse is strong but I´m holding on, someone did him wrong but the
harm is done, he throws he's head he's over fed, now he's getting
chilled and I am thrilled, and now he trust in me, and he trust in me


3. L o v e S o n g
The way you are, just the way you are, that's the way you should be,
your the one for me
And the way you smiling, I love the way your smile, the way you smile,
When your smiling for me



Cos the way you are, that's the way you should be Dont ever change for
me, dont ever change for me Your my one true love, and that's the way
it should be, stay the same for me, just stay the same for me.


The way you walking, you got the perfect way of walking, the way you
walk, when you walk arround me And the way you talking, I love the way you talk, the way you talk when you talking to me


And trhe way you thinking, I love the way that you think, the way you
think, when you think about me. And the way that I love, just the way that I love you, and the way you love me, thats the way it should be.












4. L i t t l e G i r l
When I was a little girl, I thought I knew all about the world
Yeah, I just thought I had it all, and never was afraid to take a fall


Always walked with my head up high, stuck my nose right up the sky
And I was tuff as a bull and hard like bone, and never afraid to be on my own


Rode my horse trew wind and rain, fighting the pain, was part of the game
Yeah I loved living the game of life, and put heart ache and sorrows aside


A strong spirit I belive, I was just the way that I wanted to be
And as I loved my horse wild and free, I loved that little wild girl in me


Then I grew up and undertood, that things weren't really like they should.
Yeah boys were meen and I a fool. Yea I diden´t really make it that well in school.


Faild math and cemestry, also Swedish and biologi.

Now get a grip my teacher sad, but I rode of, on my horse instead.


Things may not be not be, what they seem yeah what they seem.
And dreams may just turn out differently yeah differently.

So don't let no one tell you how it is, or how it should be.
Cos no one, no one know's, no one know's the truth.
Cos it´s all up, it´s all up, it´s all up to you.
Don't let no one talk you down


5. L i f e G o e s O n
There´s been heart ache, there has been pain. I have lost loved once, but I'v also gained. Teers been falling like heavy rain, things won´t, ever be the same again.


Life's been taken, but given to. Heart's been breaking, I gave mine to you.
Death is part of living. Yee so we´ve learned, but the strenght of love we get in return.



And like it should, life carries on, if there's more to be
learned, is how to stay strong. And find our ways to get along, and then how to share of all of our love: repeat







6. R i s e n
I'v risen from the darkness, and now I'm standing tall. I feel no hate or anger, i'm grateful for for it all



I don't need a holy savior, I don't need a heavens door All I got here within me, is enough, and so much more!


I don't need a perfect lover, or a golden ring for show All I want is love and laughter, and for my soul to be my own



Why reaching for gold, and paradises beyond, see to what you got,
couse its a lot!



I'v risen from the darkness, and now I am standing tall
I feel no hate or anger, i'm just grateful for it all


7. W o o d s  o f  P i n e
Riding trew woods of pine. Trying to find peace of mind. Facing my deepest fears While winds blowing silently trew the trees.


My, my soul is cold And my heart like stone. And I, I try to rest and
find myself some quiet peace.


So far away, So far, far away, so far away from home:


Gazing up to the sky. And I let myself go, and I start to cry
Tomorrow, tomorrow is another day. Then my feers and sorrow has flown away



While winds blowing silently trew the trees.


8. W i s h 
Life fell apart, and love broke your heart Nothing's going your way, yeah nothing seems to go down And no one seems to stay, and you feel like your loosing your crown


And I wish there was more I could do, then just share these thoughts with you


When love call's out your name, listen to what it has to say
Save all the best parts, and store it deep inside your heart
And see the best in you, then others will see it to


Then walk with your head up high, stick your nose right up the sky
Be proud of who you are and be your own bright shining star. And speak your points of views, as honest and as true.


When your dreams seems to take the wrong way, don't despair, just let
yourself be led astray. Just keep an open door, behind your dreams
there might be so much more And keep your heart open to, then love will find it's way to you


And it's okey, to be afraid, have faith, have faith
The world´s a scary place, we all feel the same, have faith, have faith
Just open up your senses, have faith have faith


9. A d r e a l i n e
I run, I run but I don ́t know what from. I try to hide but I ́m not sure why.
The way I feel, I can ́t explain, but it ́s driving me, driving me insane.

Thoughts that hounts me, brings me down, I need to find, I need to find,
a way to, come around Bring me up take me to the skyes, I need I need,
I need to feel alive.. Repeat


Try to love yourself, and all that you do, and see how it comes, comes
right back at you. Face your fears and enter the unknown, take the
risk and see your fears go.


And feel the adrenaline, pumping trew your vains, and see how it ́s
going, going your way. All those things that makes you feel alive, will take you right, right up to the sky.


Yeah I feel the adreneline pumping trew my vains, and I can feel it
going, going my way. And all those things I, used to be scared of, Is now long They'r long time gone... repeat 


10. W e a t h e r  S o n g
Why is it taking so long, feels like it´s gone on forever.
Cold is taking it´s toll, I can´t stand this weather.


I Need the light from the sun, to be outside, and to have fun
But im stuck in here


I feel cold from within, been freezing for a long while now.
Everything around me is grey, all I wanna do is get away now
I need the heat from the sun, to be outside with everyone
But I ain´t going no where


But from now on im gonna let it go, let it go and just go with the flow.
Soon again the sun will be here, and like before the cold and dark,
time´s will disappear
And I'll be out in the sun, having fun with everyone
And I'll be worm. And I'll be worm. And I'll be worm.